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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a cactus plant might start to turn purple in color. This can be quite common and can thankfully also be fixed relatively easily. The cactus plant is usually a pretty hardy variety but it can’t manage all places and environments to grow in.

The reason why a cactus plant turns purple is stress caused by the environment it’s growing in is not super favorable. The conditions could be too cool or dry. This is where near the ideal for a cactus plant to grow in since they are mostly used to the hot desert.

Follow along and we will together learn more about this fantastic plant that is much more than a room decoration.

Cactus Plant Growing In The Sun

Why Do Cactus Turn Purple

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article here are a few different reasons why a cactus plant starts to turn purple. The plant is undergoing stress because the environment it’s growing in is not ideal. But luckily this can be fixed and you might even manage to recover the lost growth on the plant.

If the climate is too cool and dry then it will cause the cactus plant to turn purple in color. The worst part is usually that the temperature is too cold. The cactus plant can manage fine growing indoors at room temperature.

But if you keep them outside and you happen to have a very cold couple of weeks then the plant will be affected and in turn, start to turn purple in color. 

This is best fixed by not having the plant grow this way instead you should keep it indoors where it can have a more stable temperature to grow in and make it grow more steadily.

The second reason is that the humidity is too dry. This causes the plant to also turn purple in color. A too-dry climate will cause the soil to not keep water as well. It won’t stay in there for long enough so that the cactus plant can collect it and in return use it when water otherwise is scarce.

Cactus plants are very fascinating. They can grow in rough conditions but why can’t they grow well everywhere? Instead, we recommend just keeping the plant indoors where the temperature can at least be stable and stay the same during the whole year. Water it and make sure it gets some sunlight as well every day.

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Cactus Plant Growing In The Shade

How Do You Fix A Purple Cactus

Fixing a purple cactus plant can thankfully be done and it’s not the hardest task you can take on when growing cactus at home. We have already laid out a lot of the reasons why the process even starts.

The plant doesn’t grow in a good enough environment, often caused by being kept outside when the climate is a bit colder during some parts of the year. This causes stress to the plant and in return will show up by having the plant turn purple in color.

But this can be fixed and reversed easily. Since we want a stable temperature then you will need to keep the plant indoors instead. This will be very good for the cactus and makes it able to relax more and focus on growing and not just surviving.

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Cactus Plant Growing In Pots

Why Is My Easter Cactus Turning Purple

There are many different varieties of cacti out there and they all react relatively the same to the environment it’s growing. It will change color depending on what’s wrong with it.

In the case of turning purple then the cause will be because of stress, mostly from the climate is too cold and too dry. This is long from the ideal climate that cacti like to grow in. We aim for a stable and warm temperature instead.

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot