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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the ZZ plant and the small root bulb underneath the soil surface. This part of the plant is prone to rot if there is too much water present in the soil. 

Too much water and there won’t be any oxygen able to reach the soil. That means we need to be very careful about the amount we are adding to the soil. The roots are the backbone of the plant and what makes the rest of the plant able to grow as the roots also provide the nutrients.

Follow along in the article below and we will discuss more growing and caring for a ZZ plant. It’s one of the less common houseplants perhaps, but it’s actually a great option for beginners. It’s a variety that’s rather resilient to disease and pests.

Small ZZ Plant In The Livingroom

ZZ Plant Root Bulb Rot

As we said at the beginning of the article already, the root of the plant is the backbone for the entire plant. Without happy roots, it will be very difficult to have any growth and even just keep the plant alive.

The roots will drain the soil of nutrients and then pass that onto the rest of the plant. They will perform even better if they are growing in soil that emulates the wild environments it’s used to growing in. That means soil that is slightly damp.

We need to stress the importance of not overwatering the ZZ plant. The roots will begin to drown if you have overwatered the soil. The water content in there will block out all the oxygen from ever reaching the roots of the plant.

Without any oxygen, the roots will start drowning and eventually rotting. This will be very hard to spot from the start as all of it will happen beneath the surface of the soil. Above the soil, it will later show up as the plant turning black in color instead. 

At this point though, the root bulb will have rotted quite a lot already, and saving the plant might not be possible. What you could try at least though, is placing it in a sunnier spot to hopefully dry out the soil more quickly.

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Large ZZ Plant Growing

Can ZZ Plant Recover From Root Rot

A ZZ plant can definitely recover from root rot, but since this is a very serious issue the possibility of the plant actually being able to recover is unfortunately pretty low actually. The roots have been severely over-watered for the roots to start rotting.

As there is too much water there isn’t any oxygen belt to reach the roots and they will begin to start drowning. The hard part of root rot is that it’s very hard to spot when it’s happening. 

The thing you could do is either repot the plant into drier soil where the roots might possibly be able to recover. If you don’t want to report the soil then you could instead place it in a sunnier spot where the soil might dry out quicker.

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ZZ Plant Pot Inside

What Are The Bulbs At The Bottom Of A ZZ Plant

The bulbs at the bottom of a ZZ plant are a part of the root system of the plant. This is the backbone of the plant and what provides all the nutrition for the rest of the plant. Without a healthy root system, the plant will begin to wilt.

The look of the roots might be like a bulb but it’s not necessarily comparable to what we would call a bulb for a tree for example. The difference is in the way it’s growing and looks as well.

ZZ Plant Indoors In A Pot