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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the ZZ plant and the root bulb of the plant. It’s technically not a true bulb. Instead, it’s more of a main sphere of sorts that will be attached with a lot of roots digging outwards. 

The plant has a pretty unique and interesting look to the root. Making sure the plant grows in a great environment where it can get plenty of nutrients. The roots are more or less the backbone of the entire plant. Without good and healthy roots the rest of the plant will have a really hard time passing on nutrients to the rest of the plant.

Follow along in the article below and we’ll dive deeper into the topic of growing and caring for a ZZ plant and especially the roots. It’s one of the less common houseplants out there but nonetheless is a great choice for beginners who are looking to get into gardening.

ZZ Plant Inside

ZZ Plant Root Bulb

As we said at the beginning of the article here already, the roots of the ZZ plant are slightly different compared to other house plants. It will grow more like a soccer ball instead of a true bulb. From the soccer ball-looking bulb, there will be a lot of smaller roots starting to come out. 

Those roots are what will drain the soil of nutrients and provide that for the rest of the plant. The roots are like we also said the backbone of the plant. Without healthy roots, we won’t have a good structure and when something happens, the chance for a quick and easy recovery is way less likely.

We said that trying to keep the root bulb as healthy as possible is very important for the entire health of the plant. Since the ZZ plant is used to living in a pretty warm and humid environment in the wild, that means we need to try and emulate that as much as possible.

The soil should therefore never be dried out at all. That will otherwise cause a lot of stress to the roots. Try and keep the soil slightly damp instead for the best result. Watering in small amounts and letting it settle in between will be the best.

Using some fertilizers every now and again will also be a good idea. The plant really likes nutrition-rich soil so it can quickly grow and have a great green color on the leaves. 

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Small ZZ Plant In A Pot

Should ZZ Plant Root Bulb Exposed

A small amount of the root bulb being exposed is really not that bad. But if you are seeing a lot of the root being exposed then it might be a good idea to repot the plant. Try and leave a small amount of the root bulb exposed above the surface though.

Repotting the plant will sort of give it a new shot and growing and growing the right way too. Use some fertilizer when repotting to give a quick start to the growth. The reason we mentioned not burying the entire bulb is that it could cause root rot otherwise.

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Small ZZ Plant Indoors

Why Does My ZZ Plant Have A Bulb

All ZZ plants will have a root bulb. It’s technically not a bulb as we said in the article previously. But it will certainly look like one at last. Make sure the soil is kept slightly damp all the time to encourage the future growth of this bulb. 

If there is too little water, the bulb will start drying out quickly. Too much water and the bulb will instead start rotting as there is no oxygen able to reach the roots.

ZZ Plan Growing Indoors