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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why black spots might start appearing on a cactus plant. When this happens there is something pretty severe happening underneath the ground.

The plant’s root system is currently undergoing rot as the soil has been overwatered. When this happens the roots are starting to drown and that will then be shown by black spots starting to appear on the cactus plant.

Follow along and we will be talking more about caring for and growing a cactus plant at home. For us, this is the ultimate houseplant for beginners to start with. A low-maintenance decoration that everyone can successfully grow.

Flowering Cactus Plant

Black Spots On Cactus

Just like we said at the beginning of the article right here. There is basically only one reason that will cause the cactus plant to start having black spots appearing all over it. The roots are currently being drowned.

Watering a cactus plant is a balancing act between not over-watering and not underwatering. This is the main thing really about growing a cactus plant is getting the watering done just right.

We strive for the soil to be somewhat semi-dry for the best condition. That will emulate what the plant will be growing in when it’s in the desert out in the wild. We can’t steer away too much from this since the plant is naturally prone to grow in such an environment.

When the roots start to rot the rest will go really quickly. It’s like a domino effect. The roots start to rot and afterward the part above the plant will start showing black spots that eventually will be rotting. At this point, there is barely anything you can do to save the plant.

This is the reason you should probably be slightly underwater instead of overwatering. The plant will start to turn yellow when submerged. This is a lot less dangerous than when you start seeing it turn black. 

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How Do You Treat Fungus On Cactus

When you start seeing fungus on a cactus plant the overall health of it will be in danger. But it has undoubtedly gone too far at this point as well. The plant will naturally have a defense system against these things.

But when that gets compromised then we need help a little bit on the way. Fertilizing the soil a little bit will bring some nutrients to the plant.

But the main thing we have seen work with treating a fungus on a cactus plant is scrubbing it with soap. Regular unscented dish soap will do the trick. If you have a spare toothbrush at home we recommend using that one to scrub in the soap lightly on the inflicted area.

Doing this method we can hope it will create a bad environment for mold or fungus to grow in. But note that when the plant has several areas affected by fungus then it might be too late. Getting a new cactus plant might even be a better idea.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Black Spots On Cactus

Getting rid of black spots on a cactus plant is very difficult as the plant has already gone too far at this point. The overall health of the plant is in grave danger as the root system is starting to rot.

But fertilizing the soil a little bit will help bring some nutrients to the plant. But unfortunately, any more than this you can’t really do. Since the damage has already gone too far it might instead be good to consider a new cactus plant. 

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