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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how a cactus plant might be starting to turn red. There are a variety of reasons for this unfortunately and they are very severe.

If the soil is running out of nutrition then that will negatively impact the soil and cause the cactus plant to change color. But having a root system that is starting to dry up or getting swarmed and drowned by water will also cause these things to happen.

If you want to learn even more about the wonderful houseplant that is the cactus then follow along and we will share the experiences we have had growing it.

Cactus Growing In The Sun

Cactus Turning Red

The reasons we laid out at the beginning of the article point to the fact that the plant is undergoing some really severe changes that negatively impact the plant right now. These include soil that is running out of nutrition but also water or having too much water.

Gardening or growing any plant for that matter really is a balancing act. We need to care for the plant while also not stressing it too much. That is the fine balancing act we need to keep.

Let’s talk about the first issue causing a cactus plant to turn red in color. That would be soil without any nutrients. That is not a very good spot for the plant to be in. There is no incentive for it to continue growing. Luckily it’s a pretty easy thing to fix.

We will need to use fertilizer, an organic one of course. This will help the plant a lot. It gives it a boost and makes sure it wants to continue growing and once again return to a stage where it was thriving.

The water in the soil will also impact the plant. Too little and the roots start to dry up and the plant enters a stage where it will return to being soil if nothing is done quickly.

Too much water and the plant will instead have the roots rot and in no time the plant will die and also return to being soil. It might sound hard to keep the plant happy but it really isn’t. Just make sure the soil is somewhat dry and damp. That will make sure you have a thriving plant at all times.

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Cactus Pot Growing In The Sun

How To Save A Red Cactus Plant

Saving a red cactus plant will really come down to making sure you have healthy soil for it to grow in. That is the main thing we want to highlight. Even though the most natural environment of a desert the cactus will grow in will be bare of any nutrients.

Given this, almost all plants will be growing better if the soil is kept healthy to some extent. Using an organic fertilizer will greatly impact the health of the plant for the better.

Let’s also talk about watering the plant. We strive for the soil to be kept somewhat damp. That will make sure it can store this excess water and survive times when it might otherwise be scarce.

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Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Cactus Plant Changing Color

Is your cactus plant changing color? The most natural color the plant will have is green. That indicates it has a lot of water in the stem saved up that it can use when the times might otherwise be tough.

When the color changes we recommend looking at the soil and whether it’s dry or not. A slightly drier soil would actually be the best for the cactus plant. We, therefore, recommend that you go about this way.

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot