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Welcome to this post about whether it’s possible to grow a peach tree from fresh peach seed. We are here to tell you that it’s entirely possible. It is probably the best way to do it. Seeds do have a shelf life and generally speaking the fresher they are the better actually. In this article, we will discuss the type of environment you will want to be growing a peach seed in.

This includes the soil and the placement of the growing container. Another important thing is actually getting the seed from the almost impenetrable pit that is in peaches.

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Can You Grow A Peach Tree From A Fresh Peach Seed

Just like we said at the beginning here. Growing peaches from a fresh seed will most likely be the best option actually. Since all seeds do have an expiration date on them the earlier you use them the better. It will reduce the risk of them being unviable and not sprouting properly.

The first task of growing a peach from a seed will be to actually get the seed out of the pit. We find that the best method to use it is to plant it in a pot. To prevent an accident from happening or something you can wrap the pit in a towel. Then it will be easier to break it. The seed looks almost like an almond, so if it is not broken, then be very careful taking it.

After you have cracked the pit then you can place the seed in a container filled with soil. You sow it just a couple of millimeters below the soil and have it start sprouting. Just make sure you cover it lightly with soil too.

Keep the soil damp or wet and the seed will start growing within a month if you are lucky. Otherwise, you should definitely be seeing some signs after the second or third month. Just let it keep growing in the container. You will want it to be at least a foot tall before you consider transplanting it.

At this point, it will be sturdy enough to handle a new environment and start growing and developing a root system. However, if you have a slightly colder climate then it can be worth waiting a bit longer before starting to grow it outside. It will just limit the risk of having an unfortunate accident or whatnot.

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Can You Grow A Tree From A Store Bought Peach?

You absolutely can grow a peach tree with time from a store-bought peach. You will do exactly as we talked about here in cracking the pit open and extracting the seed. It will eventually start sprouting if you keep it in a very damp and moist environment.

The best way we have found is to just show it in wet and very well-draining soil. Keeping it like this and in a sunny window will make sure it starts sprouting eventually and increases your chances.

Let’s reiterate again a little bit about what we have been talking about here. A Peach is a tree that can be grown directly from fresh seed. In most cases, this will actually be the fastest way for it to start sprouting. The dried seeds need more time to get activated. While a fresh one is already happy and thriving and ready to go.

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