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Welcome to this post that will talk about whether you will need to dry the peach seeds before sowing them eventually. One of the best ways of preserving the peach seeds to use at a later date is to dry them. It will greatly extend their shelf life of them. Buying fresh seeds is usually a lot better to use, sometimes the timing is right and you want to wait.

Then drying the seeds and not the whole pit is a good idea. A good trick is to leave it in a container with water and see if it floats. A rule that we follow is not to plant any seeds that float. These will in 99 % of cases not sprout. It’s better to let these go and just use the good ones.

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Do You Have To Dry Peach Seeds Before Planting

Drying the peach seeds before you grow them is not necessary. But it will help a lot if you don’t want to grow the seeds within the same week. Instead, using this method of drying them will prolong the shelf life a lot. Harvesting and preserving during the end of the season will make sure you have some peach seeds to use for the next season without a doubt.

The first step of drying the peach seeds is of course to get the seeds out of the pit. There are probably a sea of different methods people have discovered and used throughout the years. What we find works the best and leaves the smallest mess is wrapping the pit in a thin towel. Then lay it on the ground and whack it with a pan. This will hopefully crack the outer layer of the pit and let you pick out the seed from the inside.

As for the success rate of growing with dried and fresh seeds, we find that the fresh ones are better. They tend to grow and sprout faster because they aren’t dormant like the dried ones. The sowing of the seeds will be exactly the same. You place them in well-drained soil that has been well-watered. If the soil has been bought from the store then you probably won’t have to fertilize it. But if you are using something from home that you are unsure of then it can be a good idea to fertilize it slightly before sowing the seeds.

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Another great point we want to include is the importance of keeping the container with the seed in a sunny window. It might dry out the soil a bit quicker but just water it slightly more often. The main thing this does is let the energy from the sun get to the seed better and make it develop faster.

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How Long Should A Peach Seed Dry Before Planting

Like we said before in this article it’s not really necessary to dry the seed before planting. That’s a method we would instead use if we want to store the seed for a longer period.

Dry it at a very low temperature, just slightly above room temperature should be fine. The technique of drying them will mitigate the risk of mold starting to develop on them. If mold starts appearing then you might as well throw it. It won’t grow and will most likely make the soil unusable too.

Let’s reiterate again a little bit on the question that we started off with. Drying peach seeds is only really necessary if you want to store them for a longer period. Using fresh peach seeds will be perfectly fine and might even yield the best results too.

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