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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not a cactus is a living thing. The answer to this question is pretty simple really. Of course, it’s a living thing, just like every single plant we have on earth.

But treating the cactus the right way and making sure it can grow in a healthy environment is another thing. Something we will be talking about in this article right here too. Since it’s growing so slowly sometimes you might wonder if it has died or not.

The cactus plant is for us the ultimate beginner-friendly plant that you could be having at home and growing. It’s such low maintenance that it fits in perfectly really. 

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

Is Cactus A Living Thing

The cactus plant will of course be a living thing, just like almost every plant out there. Every single plant you see walking around in the world will be alive. They are collecting energy and growing. Spreading their seeds and establishing themselves in new places.

But treating the cactus plant the right way and having it thrive in the environment you want it can be difficult. It has a reputation for being very hardy and can manage conditions that other plants just couldn’t.

It all really comes down to the fact it will be storing water in the main stem of the plant. Here the water gets stored and when needed it gets dispersed throughout the entire plant. 

But growing a cactus plant at home doesn’t just circle around having it get the necessary amount of water all the time. Although that is one of the 2 steps you need to know about to successfully propagate the plant.

The sunlight the plant is getting is also incredibly important. Without that the plant won’t be able to collect energy from the sun and continue to grow where it is. We follow the rule for making sure it gets about 6 – 8 hours of sunlight every day. That will definitely be sufficient for it to continue to grow.

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Growing Cactus Plant

Is Cactus An Animal Or a Plant

If you have read this far in the article then you will have figured out that the cactus is a plant and in fact not an animal. It doesn’t share any similarities with any animals out there and instead functions just like a plant would.

It will collect energy from the sun and perform photosynthesis just like any plant. A vital process for its survival of it. With the root system that it is collecting it will collect water and disperse that throughout the plant when access otherwise is scarce.

That might actually be the most unique thing about the cactus plant, in that it will store the water in the main stem. Here it can stay for many many months and will be used very conservatively. 

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Cactus Plants In A Window

What Type Of Living Thing Is A Cactus

A cactus is a living thing in the shape of a plant. It will be collecting energy from the sun just like any other plant. On top of this, it gets water and uses that as fuel for its continued growth of itself.

Like most plants, it will also have a root system that helps establish the plant and make sure it’s stable and sturdy. These things are what make the cactus into a plant and share a lot more similarities with plants instead of animals.

Cactus Plant Growing Indoors