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Welcome to this article about growing peach pits indoors in the best way. Peaches are one of our favorite fruits in our household and being able to grow them and also harvest from them is just amazing. One of the best ways I have found during the years when growing peaches is to do it indoors for the first part. This way I can keep an extra close eye on them while they sprout and see how they develop.

It also keeps them safe from outside elements that can happen where we live, such as heavy rain or hail storms. In this article, you will learn about what the best type of soil is and where to place it indoors. Also, a few timelines that you can keep track of.

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Peaches Laying Indoors

Can You Plant Peach Pits Indoors

Planting peach pits indoors is one of the best ways to make sure you have a healthy plant growing at home. Growing it indoors will drastically reduce the risk of it not growing properly. This is because the temperature can stay a lot more consistent. It can’t suddenly freeze and kill off the seeds. Since the peach is a fruit tree that also comes from warmer climates this is a good way of keeping true to that natural habitat.

We have previously talked about both drying and preserving peach seeds. The first step is to get the seed out of the pit. Growing it from the pit itself will be too difficult for it to grow properly. Even though this is how it does it in nature if it ever were to grow wild. We want to extract the seed from the pit intact and then place it in soil that has been well watered but also has good drainage.

Making sure the soil is well drained means the water that you give it won’t stay at the top of the soil or in the bottom. The best way to achieve this is by having small holes in the bottom of the container or pot, depending on what you choose to grow in. This will lead away all the unnecessary water that might stay in there otherwise.

We also said we were going to talk about placement with growing the peach seed. The best possible location for it will be next to a window where it can get plenty of sun during the day. We want this because without it the seedling will grow very skinny and not as bushy. Even though we are growing a tree we still want a bushy appearance. It will help it become sturdier and survive rougher climates and weather.

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Peach Tree Growing Outside

How Do You Grow A Peach Tree Indoors

Probably a pretty hard task to do. Peach trees are always best grown outside in sunny weather. It can nonetheless be indoors too. But then you will have to prune it quite heavily. Since it will grow between 1 – 2 feet per year we need to keep the growth and appearance bushy. This will let us keep it indoors for a lot longer during its lifetime.

One thing we want to mention about growing a peach tree indoors is that you should keep it outdoors during the summer. Any sun it might be missing out on can receive this way. It will boost the health of your tree. There usually are a lot of different pots that you can buy that will fit growing a peach tree indoors.

Let’s reiterate again what we have been talking about today. Growing the peach pits is not really ideal. Instead, you should try and extract the seeds lying within. These are what will start sprouting as soon as you sow them in healthy soil. Make sure it gets enough water during the germination process. This means the soil shouldn’t dry out and be kept damp at all times.

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