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Welcome to this article that will talk about whether or not a cactus plant can actually survive without any sunlight. The short is no. Since it’s very dependent on it to properly be able to photosynthesis.

This is a vital part of all plants as it lets them be able to grow by converting energy from the sun. To see whether or not the plant is actually getting enough sun then we will be looking at the color of the plant.

Follow along and we will together learn more about the wonderful and fascinating plant that is the cactus. A lot more than just decoration in the house.

Cactus Plant Growing In The Shade

Can Cactus Survive Without Sunlight

We already revealed the answer at the beginning of this article here, the cactus plant will most likely not be able to survive in a climate or environment where there is not a lot of suns. 

The plant will eventually start to change color from green to either purple or even yellow. This is a good indicator that the plant is not doing very well. We, therefore, need to help the plant and give it the proper environment it wants.

Not doing this quickly will just make it harder to revert the damage that has come to the plant. Let’s share some general rules when it comes to the cactus plant. We like to follow the rule of making sure the plant gets sufficient amounts of sun hours each day.

If you are keeping the plant indoors then you need to make sure it gets at least 8 – 10 hours of light every day. That will help it a lot in continuing to grow and be able to thrive. 

But if you keep it outside for some parts during the day or for the full year if you live in places like California or Florida then we strive for about 6 – 8 hours instead. That should definitely be enough for the plant to not dry out and be stressed, causing it to discolor.

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Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

Can Cactus Survive In Shade

We have already given some pretty good arguments as to why it’s a bad idea to keep a cactus plant in the shade or in a place where there is not a lot of sunlight every day.

The reason is that the plant simply needs a certain amount of hours of light each day to survive. Otherwise, it will just turn to a wired color and eventually it will give up and start welling.

The plant is used to growing in very sunny places where it can easily get about 10 hours of light each day. Since we probably won’t be growing the plant outside in a desert and instead indoors in a small pot, we still need to emulate this environment as much as possible.

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Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

What Happens If A Cactus Doesn’t Get Enough Sunlight

If a cactus plant doesn’t get the sufficient amount of sunlight it needs every day then it will start to discolor and eventually wrinkle or even shrivel down.

This is not something we want to happen so it’s up to us to make sure we provide the plant with the amount of sun it needs every day. Most people will be growing a cactus plant indoors and here we will be aiming for it to get about 8 – 10 hours of sun each day to be able to survive.

The cactus variety is a very interesting houseplant to have at home and it will require little to no work to maintain. This makes it the perfect starting point for a lot of newer growers.

Cactus Plant Growing Inside