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Welcome to this post about how you can grow a peach tree at home. This is one of the best fruit trees to start out with since it’s so easy to grow. It will require some work at the beginning but once it gets going you can lay off and let the tree do its magic.

In this article here we will talk about some of the most common questions that surround growing a peach tree. All from the conditions that it likes to the watering and harvesting of the fruits. Follow along and get inspired to grow this magical tree.

Peach Tree Growing In The Sun

How To Grow A Peach Tree

Peach trees can be done in a lot of places. It is some of the better fruit trees to be grown in slightly colder climates. But like most things you are growing there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Growing a tree of peace will mostly be done from one bought at a nursery. These are between one and two years old. Dig a hole where you will want to place it in your garden if you want it on Freeland. If you are growing it in a pot then you can place it in there. Put some soil around it and then make sure it’s stable and won’t fall.

Water the soil and make sure that none of it is pooling on the top. This means that the soil is not very well draining. That can cause the roots to eventually start rotting. A pro tip with growing peaches is that you should fertilize the soil at the beginning and then about 2 months later. This will give it a much-needed boost at the start.

Water the soil every week at least or whenever you see that the soil is no longer damp or moist. This way you will have great growth in the first year and a bigger chance for some fruit development the next year.

Peach Tree Growing In The Sun

How To Grow Peach Indoors

Growing peaches indoors can be a very good idea if your climate is a bit colder than places like California or Florida for example. Having it grown in a pot then you can move it wherever you want to.

During the summer we can keep them outdoors and grow throughout the whole season. Having them get as much sun as possible will really help them for when the winter comes and the sun will not be able to reach the tree as much anymore.

The thing that changes when growing the tree in a pot is that you will of course have to water it all the time but also prune the branches. We recommend doing this at the end of the season to not harm any of the development it’s doing. As the tree will be resting during the winter then new branches will be ready to come forth during spring.

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How To Grow Peach From Seed

When you grow a peach from seed then you need to first extract the seeds. Crack the peach pit and take out the small peach seed. Place it in a small container with some well-watered soil.

A Peach is a fruit tree that really likes a moist and damp environment when grown from seed. It will help a lot in germinating the seed. As for this first part, it will take about 1 – 3 months for it to sprout properly and be seen growing above the surface of the soil.

Make sure that you keep the seed growing and sprouting in a sunny window. This will actually speed up the process quite a lot. If you are worried that your peach is taking too long then how much sun it’s getting might be one of the reasons. But it can also be because there are a lot of different peach trees available to choose from that might not really look apart.

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Peach Tree Growing In The Garden

How To Grow Peach Plant

Growing a peach tree from a seed at home can be risky as it won’t ensure you that it will grow or prosper. This is why a lot of people are buying peach plants that have been grown at a nursery by professionals. Growing these at home will also let you skip some of the hassles that the first months entail.

You will usually get these in a pot of some sort. If you want to keep them growing in a pot then you will just need to transplant them into one. Make sure that you then also fill it with well-draining soil. As for growing it on freeland you can make a well in the ground where you want it. We often recommend having the sunniest spot in the garden for the peach tree.

Water the soil so that it’s damp and moist. This is what we have found to be ideal for growing peaches. For the first 5 years, you will usually have to water the tree by yourself. After that, the tree will often have developed long enough roots that it can reach the water from deep beneath the ground.

How To Grow Peach From Stem

Peach is actually one of the best fruit trees to grow from a stem or a cutting. The tree is naturally very good at propagating itself like this. Another thing that happens when you try and grow the peach-like is that it will get cloned. Taking a stem from a very happy and thriving peach tree will produce an almost identical tree with similar qualities as the first one.

The fruit might ripen very fast or the sugar content in them might be slightly higher. It might sound like a completely different variety but it’s more that we take the good qualities we noticed with it and enforce those ones.

As you have taken your cutting you will need to place it in a container that has been filled with water. About 1 – 2 inches will be fine. This will make the roots start developing at the bottom of the plant. Leaving a smaller amount of water won’t make it start rooting from the middle of the stem, which would otherwise be a problem.

Leave it like this for 2 – 4 weeks and then check on it. Add more water to the container, a bucket in this case, if it needs it. If you want extra security when trying to propagate either stems or cuttings then you can use a rooting hormone. Dipping the lower and exposed part in there will make it grow quicker.

Another tip or good practice to have is to only take the stems and cuttings during the spring or right before the summer. At this point the tree is at its most healthy and will quickly start growing its roots. It already has small leaves coming out that help take up sunlight and generate energy.

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Peach Tree Growing Outdoors

How Long Does It Take To Grow Peach

Peaches are not the fastest-growing tree you can have at home. But this can be great because if you are growing it indoors it will be able to stay here longer before needing to only be outside. But generally speaking, you can expect the tree to take upwards of 3 years before you see any fruit development.

At that stage, it will be between 3 – 4 feet tall at most probably with a decent chunk on the tree as well. After the 5-year mark, your tree should be pretty self-reliant if it’s growing on freeland. It won’t require the same amount of watering anymore. Instead, the work you will have to put in is harvesting the fruit and also pruning the branches at the end of the season.

We recommend that you cut off only the smallest branches from the tree and leave the larger ones intact. This will make it easier on the tree and also promote what is already working of some sort.

As for the time it takes the fruit to grow and ripen, that is usually between 3 – 5 months. This number will actually entirely depend on the variety of peaches you have. Some are faster while some are slower.

Keeping the peach tree in the sun for as much as possible during the season will greatly increase the speed at that it grows. Peach trees will be kept best in a play that regularly sees temperatures around 70 degrees in the summer. But if it’s warmer than this then the peach tree will really start growing quicker and the ripening time on the fruits will decrease.

Peaches Growing In The Sun

How To Grow Peach From Cuttings

Growing a peach from a cutting is actually a pretty simple process. What you need to do is take the cuttings whilst they are still growing. We recommend doing this in the late spring or early summer. The cuttings should have some leaves coming out of them.

Take a cutting and strip it off the lower parts of the stems. This will focus the growth more toward the exposed lower parts and therefore it will grow more like a tree. After you have done that you can dip it in a rooting hormone. This will do a few things but primarily make the roots start appearing and growing faster.

Leave it in a bucket or any container really that can make it stand upward. Fill it with about 1 – 2 inches of water so that it can start growing. You don’t have to worry about drowning the cuttings doing it this way. In actuality, it would probably drown if you were to sow it straight away like this and not leave it in water. This space here creates a safe environment for the roots to start growing.

After about 2 weeks you should see some signs of growth. To speed this process up we also highly recommend that you leave it in a sunny spot. At the 4-week mark, you should definitely see roots. If they haven’t then you should try with new cuttings. Something has likely gone wrong during the propagation.

Plant the cuttings and place the roots in the bottom of a well in a pot. Push the soil around it so it stays stable. Then water the soil until it’s damp. At this point, you just need to wait. Place it in the sun and check it every other day or so.

Peaches Growing Outdoors


Do Peaches Like Wet Soil?

Peach trees do not like very wet soil. Instead, you should strive for it to be kept damp and semi-dry. This will enhance the flavor of the fruits once they are ready to be harvested. If the soil is too wet then we are increasing the risk of the roots starting to rot. This will kill the entire tree pretty quickly.

What Do Peaches Need To Thrive?

The things that peach trees need to thrive are a lot of suns, good drainage in the soil, and a great watering schedule. But on top of this, we need the soil to be kept vet healthy in form of fertilizing it. The best fertilizer we have found to be is manure. Might be a bit smelly but will usually provide the healthiest oil in the end. Having these things covered will mean your peach is going to thrive.

What Month Do Peach Trees Blossom?

Peach trees will usually bloom in the spring, but the specific month will depend a bit on where you are located. In more warm states like Florida and California, it will blossom in April. But in colder states, it will instead blossom in May for the most. This is when we really want to have a thriving ecosystem so the flowers can get pollinated by the bees.

Blossoming Peach Tree Outside