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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the white hair that is growing from your cactus plant. It might get referenced like this a lot but the fact is these hairs are instead spines.

They are a vital part of the survival of the whole plant as they help it manage to get the small amount of water that is condensing from the ground. This is one of the reasons it’s even able to grow in harsh conditions like a desert for example.

Below here we will be talking more in-depth about the fantastic houseplant that is the cactus. We often recommend this one for a lot of beginners as it’s a very low-maintenance variety.

Cactus Plant Flowering Outside

What Is The White Hair On My Cactus

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that the hair on the plant is technically not that, instead it’s the spines on the cactus. These play an important role in making sure that it can continue to grow and thrive even in harsh places.

The way the spines work is that they will collect the water that has been trapped in the soil. When the temperature gets very hot this small amount of water will start to condense and travel upwards. This is when the spine of the plant can start to collect the small water drops.

The water then travels to the middle stem of the plant where it gets stored and used at a later date. Without this process, the cactus plant would be able to grow in deserts where water is scarce.

Sometimes people wonder whether you can trim the spines on the plan and if it will negatively impact it. The answer is that if you are growing it indoors then you can definitely trim it a little bit if you choose to. 

But the spines will not be growing out anymore. Since they are technically modified leaves that no longer live on the plant. So trimming them won’t harm the plant in any way. It will only be harder for it to collect water if the conditions to grow in are very rough.

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Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot

What Is The Hair On My Cactus

The hair on your cactus plant is not really hard, it might very well look like it though. Instead, these hairs are actually something called spines. They play an important role in making sure it can continue to grow and thrive wherever it might be located

Since most cactus plants will be growing out in the desert where the conditions are harsh and the access to water is very limited. It makes it possible for only a few selected plants to grow there. Cactus is one among them.

The spines will collect the water content that is found in the soil, once this starts condensing they get caught up by the spines. This way the plant can make the absolute most from where it’s growing.

But growing the cactus plant indoors at home will have much greater access to water and these spines or hairs are more there for decoration than anything else, or that’s what we think at last.

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Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

How Do You Get Rid Of White Fuzz On Cactus

If there is some white fuzz starting to develop on the plant the most likely that its health of it is starting to deteriorate. At this point, we need to act quickly to save the plant as there is often mold growing on the plant.

Take a small piece of cotton and rub it in some neutral alcohol. Then you will want to gently rub off the white fuzz with this. it won’t harm the plant and instead will easily take off the white fuzz. Hopefully, if all goes well you won’t encounter this issue again and instead, have a healthy and thriving cactus plant.

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