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Welcome to this post about whether you can successfully root the cuttings from a peach tree. The good news is that peach tree cuttings will have a very high chance of rooting. They are naturally good for this compared to a lot of other fruit trees that might not be ideal to root with cuttings. Usually, with peaches, the best time of the year to take these cuttings is before the season starts.

It might sound counterproductive to your tree, but the cuttings need the summer’s warmth to develop. But more on this down below and how you can successfully propagate more peach trees at home.

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Can Peach Tree Cuttings Be Rooted

Just like we said at the beginning of this article. The cuttings taken from the peach tree work very well for propagating and getting new fruit trees going. It’s actually one of the best trees to take cuttings from as they naturally grow new roots very well. As that wasn’t enough, you won’t really need to add any rooting hormone. But if you want to maximize your already very good chances then you might do so.

We recommend you take the cuttings right before the summer starts. Some might say you should take cuttings at the end of the season. But this is when they start shedding leaves and you want them thriving and full of energy when propagating cuttings. Since you won’t be taking too many either it won’t harm the tree severely.

After you have cut off a few branches then you can dip them in rooting hormones if you want to. Otherwise, you can just leave them in a container with some water in it. About 1 or 2 will be plenty enough. The roots will develop in the water. So having too much water won’t concentrate the root development like we want to. If they all grow in the bottom then we won’t waste any root growth once we transplant them to the outside.

Let the cuttings sit indoors in a sunny spot for at least 2 weeks before you consider putting them in a pot. They will most likely wilt if you plant them without any roots visibly showing. Make sure the soil is healthy and well-draining. The last thing we want is for the roots to start to drown once we have planted them. A sunny spot will help the cuttings sprout out new leaves and grow very quickly.

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How Long Does It Take For Peach Tree Cuttings To Root

It will usually take between 2 – 4 weeks for the cuttings to root properly. At the lower end, we usually see that happening from very fresh cuttings that already have some small sprouts shooting out from them. That indicates for us very healthy cuttings that will most likely one day be a very happy peach tree.

If you haven’t seen any roots developing at the 4-week mark then it will most likely not grow. Something could have gone wrong or the cuttings simply couldn’t grow any new roots.

Let’s reiterate again what we have been talking about here. Peach is one of the best trees to take cuttings from and propagate into new seedlings and eventually trees. Take the cuttings once you see small sprouts of leaves coming out. They are now full of life and ready to grow. Leave them in water for a couple of weeks and then transplant them when they have developed a good root system.

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