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Welcome to this post about taking cuttings from a peach tree and then propagating them. If you weren’t aware, then peaches are actually one of the best fruit trees you can take cuttings from and cultivate. They will quickly start developing roots and within 4 weeks they will for sure be ready to be transplanted into a pot.

We always recommend taking these cuttings in the spring as the tree is starting to use its stored energy and new sprouts are taking shape. We believe that these are the fastest-growing cuttings you can have. In this article, we will go more in-depth on that topic, follow along and discover the possibility of growing peaches.

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Flowering Peach Tree Cutting

How To Take Cuttings From Peach Trees

Taking cuttings from a peach tree is not really that hard. For us, the most important step is honestly the timing of it. We recommend doing it in late spring or very early summer. This is when the first sprouts are starting to appear. Some people might argue that you can take cuttings at the end of the season when you are pruning the whole tree. We feel you get better results this way.

The benefit of taking the cuttings early is that you don’t need any rooting hormone for them. Peach is an easy-to-propagate fruit tree so you should need to use those hormones in any way.

The size of the cuttings should be between 1 – 2 feet maximum. These have enough power in them to start growing right away. Leave them in a container filled with 1 – 2 inches of water. This amount will make it easier to concentrate the root developments at the bottom of the cuttings.

Let them sit in this water and refill it when you see it starting to go away. Aim for it to be around 1 inch at all times. After about 2 – 4 weeks you should definitely see some roots growing. Then you can transplant them into a new pot. Let it grow here for a couple of months before taking the step to freeland.

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Peach Cutting Budding Outside

How Long Does It Take For Peach Tree Cuttings To Root

Like we talked about in the segment right above here. If you take the fresh and vibrant cuttings that only come during spring then the cuttings will take about 2 – 4 weeks to prune. If they haven’t rooted anything after that 4 weeks then you probably won’t see any results. If you want to secure the success of this project then you can use rooting hormone. This is something that you can use on a wide array of plants that you want to propagate cuttings from.

The reason that you might want to use the hormone is because of the difficulty some plants can have when propagating. But with peach trees then you should really not need to. It’s very easy to propagate fruit trees compared to let’s say cherry or plum.

Some of the things you can do to increase the likelihood as well to have a successful growth is keeping the cuttings in the sun as much as possible while there in the water. Since you have taken the cuttings while there are small leaves coming out these will start getting energy from the sun.

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Peach Cutting Growing Outdoors

Can A Peach Tree Be Cloned

You can absolutely clone a peach tree. It can be done by taking a major step for the parent plant or tree. There has been major research done on this and the best time to take a stem and propagate is between July and August. This is the height of the warmth during the season and the tree will be growing the fastest at this point. Taking advantage of this we can have a fast-growing stem to be able to clone the tree.

The thing with taking these stems is that you want to create an exact copy of the tree which will happen using this method. The reasons for wanting to may vary. Maybe you have a really nicely growing peach tree at home that produces fruit that tastes amazing. Then this technique can be useful.

Let’s summarize a bit about what we have been talking about. Taking cuttings from a peach tree is a very good way of continuing the line you have growing. Cut away the cuttings you want and need in the early summer and then leave them in a container with water. It will quickly start developing roots and before you know it it will be ready to be transplanted into a pot and start growing.

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Peach Tree Growing In The Sun