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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the ways that you can make a cactus plant grow better and stimulate its growth of it. The main thing is access to water and sunlight.

The cactus plant is generally a very easy-to-grow houseplant at home and will require very little work. But getting the necessary amount of water and sunlight each day will be the make or break for the plant to grow in a great way.

Follow along and we will together learn even more about this fantastic houseplant that is the cactus. 

Cactus Plant Growing Inside

How To Stimulate Cactus Growth

Stimulating the growth of a cactus plant really comes down to making sure you have a great amount of sunlight and water for it. In the wild, the balance between these two will be pretty off. 

There is a large amount of sunlight each day that reaches the plant while there is barely any water for it to make use of. This makes for a hostile environment that the cactus has adapted to but it doesn’t mean it will grow any quicker because of this.

Growing a cactus plant at home will come down to keeping the balance between these two. Let’s start with the sunlight that is necessary for the plant. Generally speaking, about 6 – 8 hours of light each day growing outside will be enough. 

But keeping a cactus plant indoors we will want to bump that number up to 10 hours instead. This is because of the concentration of the sun depending on being outside or indoors.

The amount of water the plant will require will always depend on the temperature and the amount of sun. There is no set amount. Instead, we want you to feel the soil and when you feel it’s starting to dry up then we’ll water it.

Watering too much however will cause the roots to start to rot. This will then show up in the shape of black spots appearing on the plant above the soil. We feel it’s better to be slightly underwater instead of risking overeating. The plant is made for dry climates like this nonetheless.

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Cactus Plants Growing Outside

Why Is My Cactus Not Growing

The reason a cactus plant might not be growing is that the environment we described above here is not present. It has to be beneficial for the plant otherwise you can expect that it will die off and disappear.

But it can also come down to that the plant is just growing very slowly and it has made its progress for the year already. Remember that the cactus plant is very slow growing and is in it for the long haul instead.

We have seen cactus plants that are almost 70 – 80 years old and barrel over 6 feet. It’s just a slow-growing variety. But setting it up in a healthy spot where there is plenty of sun and great access to water when it needs to will have your cactus growing for sure.

But if that does happen then you need to look at the entire plant. If there are some weird spots starting to appear then the plant is not feeling very well and we need to look more closely at it. It could be that the soil doesn’t have any nutrients anymore and needs to be supplemented.

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Cactus Growing Indoors

Why Is My Cactus Growing So Slow

The reason a cactus plant might be growing slowly is that it no longer has a great spot to grow in. The sun might reach it less and can’t stimulate growth anymore. 

Or the plant has simply made its progress for the year already. This can happen to most cactus plants. Perhaps the summer was great and now it wants to rest a little bit before starting to grow again next season.

Keeping up with watering and maximizing the sunlight each year will have it growing for sure. As long as you are not seeing any weird spots on the plant then we are safe.

Flowering Cactus Plant