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Welcome to this post that will talk about how you make your cactus plant grow bigger. What we really find to be the secret to having a cactus plant grow bigger is making sure that the right conditions are met where it’s growing.

This includes making sure the plant never has to run out of water and has a great supply of sunlight each day. Having control of these things will make sure that you have a healthy and thriving plant at all times.

Follow along and we will together learn more about the fantastic houseplant that is the cactus.

Flowering Cactus Plant

How To Grow Cactus Bigger

Growing a cactus plant larger really comes down to having it in a great environment, just like we said at the beginning of this article right here. A great and consistent watering schedule and great access to sunlight each day will do magic for your cactus.

Let’s start with watering the plant. Here we need to make sure that the plant has soil that is kept semi-dry. Since the plant naturally grows in the wild in very dry soil we still want to emulate that, but without the risk of extreme drought. 

So watering about once a week will help keep this in check. The plant can take on the amount of water it needs and store that in the stem. This then gets dispersed throughout the plant when it needs to.

The second point we mentioned was the sunlight the plant will need each day. This is just as vital as watering the plant. The two play with each other a lot. We recommend letting it get at least 6 – 8 hours of sun each day if you decide to keep it outdoors.

Indoors however this goes up to 10 hours instead. This is because we don’t get the same concentration from the sunlight anymore. Keep it in a south-facing window and you will be fine for the most part.

Making sure that the cactus plant can have these things is what will make you have a larger cactus plant. Since the cactus will not require any trimming or pruning to grow bushier these are the only things you need to worry about.

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Cactus Plant Growing In The Shade

Can Small Cactus Grow Big

A small cactus plant can definitely grow bigger if you make sure it has the environment to do so in. This we have already covered above here. Making sure it has a great amount of sunlight each day will make this happen for sure. 

A good amount of sun and soil that is never let dry out completely will make this happen. Keeping this up will make sure that the small cactus plant you might have at home growing will keep growing strong and thrive.

The different cactus varieties that are out there will all have the ability to grow larger and bigger. But it will come down to making sure that the environment is right, just like we say time and time again.

But if your cactus is not growing very fast then it shouldn’t concern you that much since it might just be a variety that is slow growing in general. Some plants might not grow more than a few inches every year. 

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Cactus Plant Growing In The Sun

Do Cactus Grow Bigger In Bigger Pots

Cactus plants will normally actually grow bigger if the pot is bigger. It has more room to spread its roots and that will help it establish itself faster. The roots can spread out more and grow deeper.

But what can make or break the growth of a cactus plant really is the conditions it’s growing in. You will still need to make sure it gets adequate amounts of sunlight and watering too.

Cactus Plant Growing In A Pot