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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether your air plant will still be growing after it starts blooming. The fact is that air plants actually will die after they bloom. But the time of that is not as short as you might think.

The air plant will start growing a new small bulb at the bottom of its stem that will become the new plant. The main plant will therefore after blooming start sending all the necessary nutrients it needs to survive this new growth.

Follow along in this article here and we will be discussing even more in-depth the amazing topic that is growing air plants. It’s not one of the most common houseplants out there. But it is one of the easier ones to get started with.

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Do Air Plants Die After Blooming

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the air plant will die after it blooms. But the time it takes will depend a little bit. The fact that the plant is blooming indicates more or less that it’s done and ready to start growing a new small pulp.

This process will take time and if you have soil that is rich in a lot of nutrients then the plant will start wilting down quicker since there are more nutrients being passed onto the new growth.

If you are worried you need to do something when this happens, then you need to relax. The plant will take care of this entirely on its own. It’s in fact probably a bad idea to try and do anything that interferes with the natural progression of the plant.

Just ensure that the plant has plenty of sunlight each day. This will ensure there is still photosynthesis taking place, which generates energy for the new plant. Keep the soil healthy and rich in nutrients. This is best done by using fertilizers for the soil.

Okay, let’s set a timeline for this process and when you need to cut away the wilting mother plant and leave room for the new growth. It’s somewhere between 2 – 4 weeks in total. We tend to wait a little bit extra just to make sure we aren’t causing any unnecessary stress to the plant.

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How Many Times Do Air Plants Bloom

The plant will only flower once in its lifetime. After this, the plant will start wilting and eventually die. But you don’t have to fear that you need to buy a new one. Instead, there will be a small new pulp growing at the bottom which will become the new air plant.

But the next time the plant will bloom can take several years as the plant is not the fastest growing houseplant out there. Because of that, we need to be patient and make sure the plant has all its needs covered.

That means it needs its daily dose of about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight and soil which is never really kept too dry. Instead, it should be slightly damp. This makes it a lot easier for the roots to drain the necessary nutrition it needs.

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What Do You Do With An Air Plant After It Blooms

There really isn’t anything you need to do after an air plant has bloomed. The only thing that will happen is that the main plant will start wilting down. If you wait between 2 – 4 weeks then the leaves will be dried enough that you can safely remove them from the pot.

This will leave room for new growth to come forth and with some patience, you will have a new plant growing which eventually will also bloom.

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