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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a rubber plant might be having leaves starting to curl. This is a quite common issue that will occur when the plant is getting too little light and living in the soil that isn’t very healthy.

There are however some pretty easy fixes for these issues though. The rubber plant is generally speaking a rather hardy plant but will be affected when it for prolonged periods isn’t getting enough sunlight and nutrition.

Follow along in the article below here and we will be discussing in-depth the topic of caring for a rubber plant. It might not be the most popular plant among gardeners but it certainly is a great option for beginners because of the low maintenance.

Small Rubber Plant In The Sun

Rubber Plant Leaves Curling

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the rubber plant will have leaves starting to curl up when the plant is not able to get enough sunlight each day. This is one of the basic needs we have to be able to cover and make sure the plant has.

You might wonder then how much sunlight the plant should get each day. Well, we often have a bench set for all houseplants, that’s 8 – 10 hours when indoors. If you keep it outdoors, then reduce that by 2 hours or so. 

Making sure the plant gets that amount is easiest done by keeping the plant in a south-facing window. That is why you shouldn’t have to worry about the plant not getting enough.

The soil also needs to be very healthy in order for the plant to survive but also thrive in the space it’s in. The soil should be fertilized about every second month or so. That way the plant is able to get a constant supply of nutrition, without seeing any harmful effects. Too much fertilizer and the plant might instead start wilting and rotting.

As for the condition of the soil in terms of watering, we should try and aim for it to be slightly damp all the time. That way the roots are able to get both waters but also oxygen. Too much water and there won’t be any oxygen able to travel through the soil.

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Small Rubber Plant In The Window

How Do You Fix Curling Leaves On A Rubber Plant

We have already laid out the reasons why a rubber plant might be having leaves that are curling. It’s because of too little sunlight and soil where there isn’t any nutrition.

These things cause the plant to be stressed which results in curled leaves. There are simple ways to fix this though. When the plant isn’t getting 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day than you simply need to find a sunnier spot. A south-facing window for example.

If you haven’t used fertilizers for the soil ever then it might be a good idea. Use it in moderation about every 2 months or so and your plant will be very happy. Keep the soil slightly damp as well. That way the roots won’t be stressed at all.

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Large Rubber Plant Outdoors

What Does An Overwatered Rubber Plant Look Like

An overwatered rubber plant will be starting to turn black. When there is too much water in the soil the roots aren’t able to get enough oxygen. That then causes them to drown and afterward start to rot.

The rotting of the roots will show above the soil as the plant is starting to decompose. Black spots will appear and cause the plant to be moldy and unhealthy.

Rubber Plant Growing Inside