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Welcome to this article that will be talking about rubber trees starting to lose leaves. It’s something that can happen to a lot of beginner gardeners out there. The plant is currently being overwatered quite a lot.

The plant won’t be able to make use of all that water that is present in the soil right now. As there is too much water, the roots begin to rot and the rest of the plant will start doing the same. That’s when you start to see the leaves turning brown and falling off.

Below here we will share even more information about the topic of growing and caring for a rubber tree. It’s one of the less common houseplants out there, but nonetheless a great option for beginners. It’s generally referred to as a pretty hardy and resilient plant against disease.

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Rubber Tree Leaves Turning Brown And Falling Off

As we said before here, the rubber tree is currently being overwatered quite a lot when the leaves are turning brown and falling off. There is an ideal environment for the rubber tree to grow in.

The roots will grow the best in soil that is just slightly damp. That will emulate the wild environment the plant grows in otherwise the best. The roots won’t have a surplus of water which would block out oxygen from the soil.

If the roots aren’t able to have oxygen while they are growing then you will run into risks like the plant starting to turn brown. The first thing that happens is that the leaves will turn brown after being severely overwatered. After that, the leaves will begin to fall off one by one.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to prevent this and also hopefully save the plant once it has started happening. Just watering in small amounts and letting it settle in the soil is the best practice if you are a beginner with rubber trees.

If it’s already too much water in the soil you could try and put the plant in a sunnier area and perhaps even outside. That will hopefully have the soil drying out a little bit quicker and perhaps you will be able to save your rubber tree before anything worse comes.

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How Do You Fix Brown Leaves On Rubber Plants

Fixing brown leaves on rubber plants isn’t really the easiest. Once it has happened then it’s hard to get it back to a green color again. If the color is instead yellow then it’s a lot easier to turn it back into a green color.

The plant will have gotten pretty overwatered when the color is turning brown. That means some of the roots have started rotting because they can’t get any oxygen

Placing the plant in a sunnier area to dry out some liquid from the soil will hopefully help a little bit. But also using some fertilizer might help boost the recovery a little bit quicker.

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Why Are My Rubber Tree Leaves Falling Off

The leaves on your rubber tree will begin to fall off as the plant is getting way too much water. The roots are starting to rot and that will affect the rest of the plant. The roots are what make sure the rest of the plant gets nutrients.

Without nutrients, that plant won’t be able to grow and instead will turn back into the soil. Which shows up as the plant turning brown and the leaves falling off.

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