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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can care for a pink variegated rubber plant. There really isn’t a secret to caring about these pink rubber plants as opposed to regular and more common varieties.

The plant will be needing a good amount of sunlight each day and also soil which is very rich in nutrition. There are some tricks we can use, however, and schedules to keep which will help maintain a balance for the plant.

Follow along below and we will be learning more about the rubber plant. It’s one of the less common houseplants out there, but definitely worth a shot if you are new to gardening. It’s relatively low maintenance and beautiful decoration.

Rubber Plant Leaves Indoors

Pink Variegated Rubber Plant

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, a rubber plant is a great option if you are a beginner since it’s pretty low maintenance. It basically boils down to 2 options to which we need to pay attention.

The first is about the amount of sunlight the plant needs. Since we are most likely keeping the plant indoors then we need to aim for about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. 

If we are keeping the plant outside, however, then we need slightly less each day. About 6 – 8 hours of sunlight each day. The sunlight the plants are getting each day when outdoors is so much stronger than indoors so keeping it in moderation is important.

The plant might start shifting in color otherwise, and the beautiful pink color will turn yellow or gray instead. We should also talk about watering the plant. The soil is very important to get right as well. We often recommend trying to keep it slightly damp all the time. That way the roots are able to get enough nutrition and oxygen too.

A tip that we often recommend is using some fertilizers every now and again. Doing it every 2 months is plenty enough to provide all the nutrition the roots will be needing.

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Rubber Plant Leaves In The Sun

How Do You Keep A Variegated Rubber Plant Pink

Keeping a variegated rubber plant pink basically comes down to making sure the plant has a great spot to grow in all the time. It’s pretty simple really. The plant will need a lot of sunlight each day if you keep it indoors.

About 8 – 10 hours will be plenty. Any less and the leaves might start curling instead. But if you get more the leaves have a high risk of starting to turn yellow. That is caused by the plant getting dehydrated and stressed.

If you can keep the soil slightly damp all the time as well then that will greatly help the plant too. The water helps give the plant a healthy look and feel but also ensures it won’t dry out.

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Rubber Plant Growing Indoors

Is A Variegated Rubber Plant Rare

Rubber plants in themselves aren’t really the most common house plant variety out there. But the variegated rubber plants are really not that common. They could be called rare for sure.

There is a large selection of different variegated rubber plants out there. Some are more common than others. Red and pink ones are probably some of the more sought-after and hard to find. Luckily they don’t shift in terms of caring for the plant. They still have the same needs as the common green rubber plant.

Rubber Plant Indoors