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Thyme Growing In The Garden Outdoors

Welcome to this post about how thyme grows all year round. I will give you the short answer now but I suggest that you continue reading to get some more information about the topic. Thyme can grow all year round, without any issues, both indoors and outdoors. It’s one of the hardiest herbs out there so you can always count on it coming back the next year for more bountiful harvests.

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Does Thyme Grow All Year Round

So you want to know whether your thyme will come back just as strong next year. I laid out the answer in the beginning of this article. Thyme is a very hardy herb that can handle most conditions. On top of this it’s not an annual herb, it’s a perennial. Meaning that it can live for many many years. In the case of the herb thyme, that can be for over a decade without any issues. I will continue growing out its root system if it’s on freeland. Growing it outside of a pot is actually the best way if you want it to last for a long time. It’s limited in the pot so sometimes growth can be limited when it gets older.

Thyme Growing Outdoors In The Garden

I also said that it can live for years both indoors and outdoors which makes it a really nice herb to have in the kitchen window, ready at a moment’s notice to provide some wonderful aromatics in your cooking. With the case of thyme, when you cut one stem of the two new ones will appear and grow out from there. So you can see how it can get out of hand once you have an established plant where quick growth is a lot easier.

How Long Does A Thyme Plant Live For?

A thyme plant can live for well up to a decade or 10 years if you care for it well. Following some of the steps in this article you will sure manage it! The most important is keeping it thriving in it’s favourite enviorment.

But what are some of the conditions that are necessary to have a healthy and thriving thyme plant at home? Whether that be inside or outside. How much sunlight it gets each day will drastically have an effect on the wellbeing of it. I want mine to get at least around 6 – 8 hours if it’s growing outside. Indoors you really want it to get at least 8 – 10 hours or so. Less then this won’t supply it with enough energy.

The condition of the soil is also very important. You don’t want to make the mistake of letting the soil dry out too much or have it be too wet. I do this by feeling. I want to feel that the soil is not wet but instead dry on the surface. This tells me that it could do with a little bit of watering. But after that, I wouldn’t expect to need it anymore for the next week at last.

Thyme Growing Outdoors In The Sun

So to reiterate a little bit more about what we have talked about and covered in this article. Thyme can absolutely grow all year round and will be one of the best herbs to fill this job. But you also want to set it up with the best environment so that it can live for over a decade. A lot of sunlight during the day and a conservative watering schedule will have it growing like weeds at home.

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