How To Bring Basil Back To Life

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How To Bring A Basil Plant Back To Life

Welcome to this article about how you can bring a basil plant back to life. It can be frustrating not knowing why this is happening to your basil and you want a quick fix. Before you continue reading it might not be such an easy task you would have hoped for. Basil is a fragile herb that requires attention to survive. But there are a few tricks you can use to make sure you get it back to life and can keep it for the rest of the season. The most common reason for a dying basil is the lack of nutrients and water in the soil. Sometimes it can be the sun as well but more often the reason we laid out.

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How To Bring A Basil Plant Back To Life

The first question you might have is about whether basil even can be brought back to life. We are here to tell you that it is possible but will require some work and a lot of willpower from you basil. In most cases basil is a very easy to grow herb that only wants to be watered well throughout the season and then left in the sun. If you manage this then the likelihood of it dying or willing is very small. It is mostly resistant to a lot of common pests and diseases, but not all of them.

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If you basil has wilted and started turning completely gray and almost black, then you need to hear the hard truth, it won’t come back. At this point it has gone too far and won’t survive even if you pump the soil with a lot of nutrients and water it properly on top of leaving it in the sun. But if it’s starting to wilt just a little bit and the leaves are hanging more than normal then it’s very possible to fix it. The best thing to do now is place the plant in the sun for about 6 hours every day outside. Then you need to fertilize the soil. Ideally we would want to use manure because it’s the healthiest kind to use. But we understand if you can’t get it or don’t want to use it. It does smell pretty bad in all honesty.

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After following the steps above it is a good idea to water the plant in small bursts. This is so that you don’t overdo it. Every 30 minutes or so I will be fine. What you want to aim for is for the soil to be moist or damp. This is the ideal condition of the soil for the basil. No matter where you live these rules apply.

Let’s summarize a bit of what we have discussed. Basil can absolutely come back to life. But the earlier you start taking action the better. If the plant is gray and dark then it most likely will not come back unfortunately. Fertilizing the soil and leaving the plant in the sun are two basic and important steps. Pruning or cutting the plant at any stage during this should definitely be avoided. It will cause unnecessary stress for the plant and delay the comeback we want.

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