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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a jade plant will start turning black in color. When the plant is turning black it’s the result of starting to decompose. No plant will live forever, but they will rarely turn black in color when they are getting too old.

When the jade plant turns black it’s because the water in the soil is way too much. The roots are therefore struggling very much to get the nutrition and energy they need. But most importantly, the oxygen, which is extremely limited as the water is blocking it out.

Follow along in this article and we will talk even more about the wonderful houseplant that is the jade plant. Despite some of these common issues, it’s still one of the better houseplants to get started within the world of gardening.

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Jade Plant Turning Black

Like we said at the beginning of the article, the jade plant will begin to turn slightly black in color once it’s not getting the nutrition and energy it so desperately needs. This issue will eventually turn the plant back into the soil as it’s actually decomposing when the black color appears.

You might wonder what the jade plant wants then in terms of soil condition. Well, for the most part, we will say that the soil should be slightly damp. That seems to be the best possible condition for the roots.

This slightly damp texture is best noticed if you feel the soil yourself. You can have a look, but checking both the surface and beneath will indicate whether or not the soil is properly watered or not.

There is a possibility that you could save the plant when you start seeing this happening. One of the best and quickest things would be placing it in a very sunny area. That will hopefully start to turn the soil drier and it might save some of the roots from drowning.

But otherwise, repotting the entire plant to a new spot or soil is also possible. Note that it might shock the plant and cause a lot of stress, so it’s a gamble but nonetheless, it might be worth trying.

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Why Are My Jade Leaves Turning Black And Falling Off

The leaves of the jade plant will begin to turn black when the soil is way too overwatered. Some of the first things that will be lost on the jade plant as well will be the leaves. These are easily grown out and easily lost as well.

When this is starting to happen we recommend that you have a look at the segment just above here. We recommend that the best course of action is to put the plant in the sunniest possible area. That will hopefully dry out the soil very quickly.

Other than that, it’s more just a waiting game to see whether or not the jade plant will survive or not. Whatever you do, you should water the soil before checking the condition of it before. That means checking it beneath the ground as well.

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How Do I Know If My Jade Plant Is Dying

You will start noticing that your jade plant is dying when it’s shifting in color from green to instead being brown and black. That’s when the plant is being way too overwatered and the roots are starting to die.

But if it’s turning red, for example, the plant is getting too much sunlight each day instead. That can also lead to it drying out above the soil and leaving nonfunctioning parts on the plant.

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