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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a jade plant might be starting to appear white on the leaves, or on the stem as well. The reason for this happening is that when the plant is left outside and there might be rain, small amounts of salt will be captured by the leaves.

This salt isn’t traveling through the plant like water. Instead, it is left on the surface of the leaves. Which can turn the plant into these small white spots all over it. It’s not dangerous, but the salt will have a decomposing effect on the plant eventually if left unchecked

Follow along in this article and we will talk even more about the process of growing and caring for a jade plant. It’s despite some of these issues one of the best houseplants to get started with if you are interested in the world of gardening.

Green Jade Plant

Jade Plant Turning White

As we said at the beginning of the article there, the reason for the jade plant starting to turn white is pretty interesting. It’s mostly that when they are kept outside and rainwater might reach the plant small amounts of salt stay with it.

These salts are captured in the water which is used to water the plant. It can also be from the evaporation of seawater in the clouds, which then travels and pours down somewhere else. 

Nonetheless, it’s the process when water gets stuck on the leaves of the plant. It’s not possible for the human eye to see the salt on the leaves. It’s such a small amount but it will still be shown on the leaves.

The salt can have a detrimental effect even if they are present in very small amounts on the plant. The best solution to making sure this isn’t happening much more than necessary is to move the plant indoors instead. Hopefully, no salty water will reach the plant.

We should also mention that it could be mold too that is growing on the plant. That is a very serious issue, but the chance of that happening is very low. Jade plants aren’t really known to ever get diseases like molds or bacteria build-up of the likes.

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Jade Plant In The Garden

Why Is My Jade Plant Losing Color

The jade plant will begin to lose color when it’s not getting enough nutrition from the soil that it’s growing in. This can be a real issue as the plant needs this to survive and cover its basic needs. 

In the case of the jade plant, it wants soil that is kept slightly damp. This will help emulate its natural environment if it’s ever in the wild. It’s used to a more humid climate which keeps a relatively warm temperature all year around and gives plenty of access to sunlight.

Nutrition can be hard for older plants to get a hold of, the soil has been depleted and needs replenishing then. This is best done by using fertilizers. These can be really effective in making the jade plant once again grow the way it should and eventually get its color back.

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Flowering Jade Plant In The Garden

Why Is My Jade Plant Turning Gray

A jade plant that is turning gray is often caused by there not being nearly enough water and nutrient in the soil. These are thankfully pretty easy issues that can be fixed within a few weeks.

Ensure that the soil is slightly damp and that you fertilize it too. You can use regular orchid fertilizer for this, found in more or less every gardening store. But if you have access to manure, then that is an energy boost like no other.

Jade Plant In The Garden