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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might have a jade plant that is turning orange in color. This will with time become an issue as the shift in color is caused by too much light.

Most plants will want a pretty regulated amount of sunlight each day. There is therefore a possibility of having way too much of the good stuff basically. We recommend ensuring the plant more or less gets about 8 hours of sunlight each day. If it’s starting to go over that regularly then the plant will shift in color for the worse.

Follow along in this article and we will discuss even further the possibilities there are when growing jade plants. It’s one of the best when beginning in the world of gardening. It’s beautiful in the house as a decoration but is also very hardy.

Flowering Jade Plant Outside

Jade Plant Turning Orange

Like we said in the beginning, the jade plant will start shifting in color to a more orange and red shade when it’s getting too much sunlight for a prolonged period. This is a really serious issue as the plant can start drying up if left unchecked.

Like most houseplants, the jade plant will need about 8 hours of sunlight each day to manage fine. But if you keep it outside then it might just be enough with somewhere between 5 – 6 hours instead, the strength of the sun outside is so much more.

Note that the plant will not suddenly be red or orange if it gets like 12 hours of light in one day. This is something that builds up over time. It could be after 2 weeks or so of overexposure.

Some of the counters you can do to this keep the plant in a shadier area. Might be really obvious but it’s also very effective. It slows down the plant and lets it relax a little bit more. Every time it gets sunlight it’s starting to perform photosynthesis, which creates energy but is also tiring to the plant.

Another tip would be to water the soil slightly to cool down the roots and ensure the plant isn’t at least stressing for water. Fertilizing the soil might also be a great idea as well.

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Flowering Jade Plant Outdoors

Why Are The Tips Of My Jade Plant Turning Red

The tips of your jade plant will start to turn red when there is too much sunlight reaching the plant. The redness that is appearing is basically the plant getting sunburnt. This is a pretty serious issue and needs to be dealt with pretty quickly.

If left unchecked the plant will slowly begin to dry out. The red parts become unavailable to perform any photosynthesis, which cuts off energy for the plant. Eventually, it might even be worth just cutting off those leaves on the plant.

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Small Jade Plant In The Garden

Can A Jade Plant Get Too Much Sun

A jade plant can definitely get too much sun. It will also show up pretty quickly. Let’s say the plant is getting 10 hours of strong sunlight each day for two weeks. After that time the leaves will have shifted in color to a more red appearance.

The texture of them will also be different. They will be a lot drier. Which makes them useless for generating any form of energy for the rest of the plant.

Green Jade Plant In The Garden