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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a jade plant might start to fall over for the reason of being too heavy. The reason is that the plant is obviously too large and hasn’t been able to properly build strength and hold itself upwards in the pot or place it’s growing in.

This is often caused by a variety of issues, all ranging from under-watering to too much sunlight or too little sunlight. As with everything there is a balance that needs to be achieved. When you get that right is when the plant will grow to its most beautiful self.

Follow along in this article and we will discuss further the topic of growing and caring for your jade plant at home. It’s a great option if you are a beginner wanting to get started in the world of gardening. It’s both beautiful as a decoration and a pretty hardy variety too.

Jade Plant Flowers In The Sun

Jade Plant Too Heavy Falling Over

As we said at the beginning of the article, there are many reasons for a jade plant to start to fall over as a result of being too heavy. We find that for the plant to even get to that point there is some stuff that has gone wrong along the way.

That could be too much water in the soil, leading to the roots starting to drown and there is a lack of structure caused by that. But it can also be because the plant is not getting enough sunlight each day.

That reason is probably the most common one that causes it to have an unstable and bad structure. A prolonged period of lack of sunlight will more or less have the same effect on all plants. It will make them have long and thin growth.

This long and thin growth will eventually fall over on itself and the plant will break. When the plant is not getting the sun it needs, it will begin to grow towards the sun in an effort to catch it.

This is something that is seen happening with herbs a lot as well. This is why we recommend trying to keep south-facing windows for the plants that really need sunlight. As for the amount they need each day, it’s about 8 – 10 hours when kept indoors.

If you are seeing white fuzz on your jade plant then that’s pretty bad news. In this article here, we will be discussing the causes of this and what we could possibly do about it, Jade Plant Has White Fuzz.

Small Jade Plant In The Sunlight

Why Is My Jade Plant Laying Down

Your jade plant will begin folding over itself when it no longer has a good structure. Something that can happen when it’s either getting too little sunlight each day or isn’t growing in good soil.

The plant needs nutrition in order to build and grow strength that will help it last through tougher times. Using a fertilizer for example in the soil is a great option if you want to boost the plant’s health.

But try and keep it to only every 4 weeks or so. Any more than that and the plant might start showing signs of being over-fertilized, which can be equally as bad.

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Green Jade Plant In The Garden

How Do I Fix A Jade Top Heavy Plant

A top-heavy jade plant is a hard thing to fix. It will most likely be fixed by heavy trimming, to try and promote more growth on the bottom of the plant. But it is a risk of cutting large sums of the plant.

It doesn’t grow and multiply the same way a basil plant would do for example. Instead, the best option might be to trim small amounts and use some fertilizer for the soil to help boost its health and nutrition in it.

Flowering Jade Plant In The Garden