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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why the jade plant you have growing at home is starting to have white fuzz on it. This is in terms of other plants a very serious issue, but for the jade plant, it might not be so bad.

It can either be insects or mold. The likelihood of its insects is very large, which is why we say it might not be so serious. The insects are pretty easy to just remove by hand to keep the plant safe again. But if it is mold then that might kill the plant.

Follow along in the article below here and you will discover and learn about both these causes and the solutions for them. It’s a great plant to get started with and we find that for beginners, the jade plant is amazing to start out with.

Small Jade Plant Growing Outdoors

Jade Plant Has White Fuzz

As we said in the beginning already, the jade plant will start having white fuzz on the leaves for a few different reasons. The first and most common one would be insects. These are relatively harmless to the health of the plant.

The small white insects can appear on healthy jade plants as they might be a great food option. The jade plant is a target of a very small amount of insects and they are generally pretty low impactful.

But it’s not a nice appearance so we should probably try and get rid of them. If you have a small tweezer then you can use that to pick them away by hand. But if you have selected leaves on the plant affected by the insect, then removing them might be best.

That will almost isolate the issue and hopefully, no insects have had time to spread to other parts of the plant. We should also mention that there is a great number of different pesticides that are great for keeping insects off. Since we aren’t eating the jade plant, using these pesticides is a good idea.

The last reason for white fuzz might be mold. This is a very serious issue as it will end up killing the entire plant if left unchecked. If it’s mold on the plant then there is a pretty easy fix for it. Just removing the affected leaves will usually isolate the problem. 

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Can Jade Plants Get Powdery Mildew

There is a possibility of jade plants getting powdery mildew. As we talked about above here, the plant can get white fuzz growing on it. It might either be insects or this powdery mildew as well.

If it’s powdery mildew then that will have a great effect on the health of the plant. It will slowly start to decompose it. But thankfully there will be a few easy fixes for this issue. Either you remove the leaves that are affected or you use a solution of vinegar and water.

This solution should be applied to moldy areas. It will kill the bacteria growing there rather quickly, but will also affect the leaves of the jade plant too.

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How Do You Clean The Dust Out Of A Jade Plant

Cleaning the dust from a jade plant is pretty easy. Using some wet kitchen paper to wipe the leaves is the best solution. This won’t have an effect on the health of the jade plant. 

We should also say that when jade plants have dust on them there isn’t an issue. Dust can start to gather up on any plant you might have grown at home.

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