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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a jade plant might be starting to turn yellow in color. This is something that can happen with a lot of plants. The reason is also more or less the same all the time. The soil is too dry and the plant can’t get enough nutrients to keep growing and flourishing. 

The solution to this issue though is pretty easy to do thankfully. The plant just needs more water in the soil since that’s obviously what’s lacking. But the amount of water that you add is very important.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn about growing and caring for a jade plant. It’s one of the more popular houseplants that people begin with, much because it’s such a beautiful and easy-to-grow variety to keep.

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Jade Plant Turning Yellow

As we said in the article before, the reason a jade plant is starting to turn yellow is because of a lack of water. This is an issue that can happen to a lot of plants if it keeps going for too long. The plant will start stressing since it can’t get enough water. 

But we said that the solution to this issue is very easy to fix thankfully. The plant simply needs more water. But it’s important to get the amount right too. We often recommend that the ideal texture and condition for the soil be slightly damp.

The jade plant is normally used to grow in an environment that is slightly humid and wet. The higher level of humidity makes more water stay in the soil. This makes the plant greater access to water all the time. 

Because this is the natural environment that the jade plant is used to we need to emulate it the best we can. We can’t really heighten the humidity anymore, but we can make sure the soil is at least well watered. 

The yellowing of the plant is more or less from the stress the plant is undertaking. But you should also know that the plant could turn purple as well from being stressed. The causes of stress are that it is watered or under-nurtured.

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Why Is My Jade Plant Yellow

As we mentioned in the article just above here, the jade plant will begin to turn yellow in color because of not getting enough water and nutrition. This is a downward spiral that if left unchecked will make the plant turn back into the soil eventually. It’s a serious issue that we need to fix as soon as possible.

If you read the part above here before, then we revealed that the soil in which the jade plant is growing is slightly damp. It should be kept like that for as much as possible to not run the risk of the plant being stressed and turning yellow.

We recommend trying some fertilizers every 4 weeks or so as well. That seems to be a great option to make sure there is a constant supply of nutrition in the soil all the time. But try not to do it more than what we recommend, which might otherwise cause the plant to be overfertilized, also very dangerous.

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How Do I Fix Yellow Leaves On My Jade Plant

When the jade plant is getting yellow leaves we need to add more water to the soil. The plant is being very stressed, which is why this yellow color is appearing on the planet.

Try to get the texture of the soil to a slightly damp one. That is the best possible environment for the jade plant to be growing in.

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