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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a jade plant might start to turn red. The most common issue for this is that the plant is getting way too much sunlight each day. We have found that the ideal amount each day is 8 hours of sunlight.

The jade plant is not used to getting more sunlight each day than those 8 hours. So the result then is a plant that is getting sunburnt. That would show by the plant turning red. This can with time become a real issue since those parts will start drying when it goes on for too long.

Follow along in the article below here and we will learn even more about growing and caring for a jade plant. The plant is one of the best ones for beginners to start out with if they want to learn about gardening.

Green Jade Plant In The Garden

Jade Plant Turning Red

As we said at the beginning of the article that the jade plant will start turning red in color because of getting way too much sunlight each day. There is a sweet spot for the plant in terms of sunlight.

The ideal time was about 8 hours each day. That seems to be where the plant will perform enough photosynthesis to generate energy that will fuel the growth of the entire plant.

When the plant is starting to get more than those 8 hours of sunlight then that will end up as the plant turning red on some parts. It’s very often the very tip of the plant as well since this is where it’s more defenseless.

Thankfully there is a possibility of reversing this from continuing to harm the plant too much. This is best done by keeping it in a shadier area for a few weeks. If you have control of the soil as well then it won’t be that hard to get that beautiful green color back to the plant again.

A pro tip is to use some fertilizer in the soil during this time. That will help the roots be really healthy and that part of the plant won’t have to struggle at all in doing its job.

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What Does An Overwatered Jade Plant Look Like

An overwatered jade plant will begin to turn in color. Since the soil is starting to be severely overheated the roots will become extremely stressed. After a while, they will begin to rot as there isn’t enough oxygen traveling through the soil.

The water is blocking it from reaching the roots. If the roots start to rot then the rest of the plant will also begin to rot. A plant that is rotting will begin to change in color, often turning either brown or black.

At this point though, it’s probably too late to save the plant. If we are early seeing this progression then placing the entire plant in a sunny spot then might save it from going any further.

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Flowering Small Jade Plant

Why Is My Jade Plant Turning Yellow And Red

A jade plant will begin to change in color to either yellow or red when it gets too much sunlight. The excess sunlight will make the plant begin to dry out pretty quickly. Any over 8 hours a day and we will start to have issues.

But it’s easy to fix. Find a shadier area in your house and keep it there until the plant has started to turn greener in color. This will take about 1 – 2 weeks or so in total.

Jade Plant Growing Indoors