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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a rubber plant might be having leaves starting to wrinkle. It’s way more common than you might think and the causes can be boiled down to a few.

The plant is probably getting too little sunlight each day which causes a lot of stress for the plant. That ends up showing as the leaves are wrinkling, often around the edges of the plant. But the rubber plant might also be getting too little nutrition each day. The best fix for that would be some good fertilizers for the soil.

Follow along below in the article and you might perhaps find the solution to your issue. The plant is one of the less common houseplants we have, but nonetheless a great option if you want to start out with gardening.

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Rubber Plant Leaves Wrinkled

As we said at the beginning of the article here, there are more or less two reasons why the rubber plant might be starting to turn wrinkly. The leaves are getting too little sunlight for a prolonged period.

It’s perfectly fine to get below 8 – 10 hours of sunlight for a few days, but if that keeps going for a few weeks then we will have issues. The plant will be stressed to get the necessary amount of energy it needs to both maintain its needs but also to expand and keep growing.

The plant will begin to turn wrinkly as well because the soil is not rich enough in nutrition. We, therefore, recommend using some fertilizers for the soil. As we are probably growing the rubber plant in a pot then there isn’t an influx of new nutrition naturally coming to the soil.

If we keep the plant in freeland however then the plant won’t need any fertilizers. There is not nothing that limits the influx of nutrition traveling through the soil. What might happen with growing on freeland instead might however be a hard time of enough water.

Watering the plant properly enough will be one of the priorities for caring about the rubber plant too. The soil should be slightly damp all the since that is the ideal texture and condition for the roots.

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Why Are My Rubber Plant Leaves Wrinkled

The reason why your rubber plant might have leaves that are being wrinkled is because of too little sunlight each day. That is a pretty common issue as the play might have been misplaced in your house.

Try and keep the sunnier spot for the plant. A south-facing window will be the best. This is where the plant is able to get all the hours of sunlight it might need each day. Make sure you’re not neglecting the soil either.

The roots are the backbone of the plant. It’s they who will make sure there always is nutrition traveling through the plant. Keep the soil slightly damp and make sure to use some fertilizers about every 2 months or so. We recommend orchid fertilizers, which can be found in most gardening stores.

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How Do You Fix Rubber Plant Leaves

Fixing rubber plant leaves is a pretty hard task to undertake. If the leaves have been severely sunburnt then you are better off cutting the leaves off instead. That will help provide new space for another leaf to grow forth.

But if you want to try, then make sure the plant has damp soil and use some fertilizer as well. Other than that you could keep the plant in a slightly shadier area to not cause any unnecessary stress to the leaves from an excess of sunlight.

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