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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a rubber plant is not growing anymore. The plant will need a great place to grow in order to promote growth. The most common issue for the plant not growing anymore is because of a lack of sunlight.

It can be directly connected to this in terms of looking at the growth of the plant. The plant will though be able to get a surplus of sunlight which makes the leaves sunburnt and have a hard time performing.

Follow along in the article here and we will continue to talk about the rubber plant. It’s one of the less common houseplants we have but a great option for those that are new to gardening. It’s pretty low maintenance and resilient to a lot of diseases.

Rubber Plant Growing Indoors

Rubber Plant Stopped Growing

As we said at the beginning of the article already. There is a direct connection between the amount of sunlight the plant is getting and the growth of the plant. The rubber plant is very much able to get too much sunlight each day. 

If it gets too much then the rubber plant won’t be growing so well. The leaves will instead be drying out and causing issues. You might wonder then what the ideal amount of sunlight the plant should be getting is. We recommend 8 – 10 hours if you grow it indoors.

Outdoors however the plant will need slightly less, about 6 – 8 hours. Growing it outdoors on freeland you definitely need to be aware of the place you grow it in. If it’s constantly getting too much then the plant will just be growing poorly.

Like with fertilizing the soil, it’s recommended to do it in moderation to prevent any harm being caused to the plant. We said that the growth of the plant is in correlation with the amount of sunlight the plant is getting. Too little sunlight will also cause the plant to have poor growth. 

The lack of sunlight makes the leaves unable to perform photosynthesis which is the process by which the leaves are generating energy for the rest of the plant from the sunlight it’s exposed to.

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Rubber Plant In A Pot

Why Did My Rubber Plant Stop Growing

The reason your rubber plant probably stopped growing is because of a lack or excess of sunlight. The plant needs to have a balance of this in order for it to properly grow and flourish

Most rubber plants will be grown indoors. We recommend trying to keep the plant in a south-facing window where the most sunlight will be found. Try and keep it there for about 8 – 10 hours each day. That way the plant will get a balanced and healthy amount each day. 

If you are still seeing the plant not growing then you might want to try and fertilize the soil a little bit. Use some organic orchid fertilizers that can basically be found in all well-assorted gardening stores.

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Green Rubber Plant In The Sun

Do Rubber Plants Go Dormant

Even though you are keeping the rubber plant indoors it will go dormant. The plant won’t be growing as quickly as during the summer. Even though the plant basically experiences the same amount of sunlight and temperature all year around.

It’s a seasonal variation and like most plants, the growth will be seen during the summer season. When spring comes around you might even want to use some fertilizers for the soil to help boost the growth of the first weeks. That way you will have a very successful year in terms of growth.

Rubber Plant In A Pot