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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing small white spots on your rubber plant. We should probably say this directly. These white spots on your rubber plant are really nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal.

The rubber plant leaves contain something called lithocyst. These are enlarged cells that contain another very scientific term called calcium carbonate crystals. These are what will cause the leaves to have small white dots.

Follow along in the article and we will continue to talk and learn about the fantastic houseplant that is the rubber plant. It’s one of the more beautiful house plants we have, but nonetheless not very common actually. It’s a great option for beginners because of the low maintenance and resilience to diseases.

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Tiny White Spots On Rubber Plant Leaves

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the white spots that might appear are not something to worry about. It’s simply something that will be happening because of a component in the leaves called lithocyst.

This can be found in basically all varieties and variegated versions of rubber plants. The trigger as to why it might start producing these white spots is not known though. 

The only reason why you might want to start worrying is if the plant is starting to wilt or wrinkle while this is happening. Then there is something else that’s wrong with the plant. 

White spots could be mold too. Something called powdery mildew is a mold that can be found on basically all plants. It’s something that can seriously become an issue if left unchecked. The leaves affected will start smelling and look a lot sadder. 

The best thing when you see that is to simply cut off the leaf and let there be a new leaf grows forth. Cutting the leaves affected will help mitigate and contain the mold growth forms spreading rapidly.

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How Do You Treat White Spots On Rubber Plants

Treating white spots on a rubber plant is not necessary unless it’s molded. Try and have a look at the condition of the leaf itself. If it’s starting to wilt around the area then most likely you are dealing with some form of mold forming on it. 

Most likely it will be powdery mildew. A quite common type of moldable to grow on more or less all plants. The best thing to do now is to cut the leaf off completely. It will hopefully mitigate the mold and cause it not to spread any further to the rest of the plant.

If it’s what we discussed at the beginning of the article. A natural compound found in rubber plants called lithocysts then you have nothing to worry about. Trying to treat it might just make it worse.

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Why Does My Rubber Plant Have Spots On The Leaves

A rubber plant will start developing small spots on the leaves because of something called lithocysts. This is actually something that can be found in more or less all rubber plants, be they variegated or not too.

You don’t have to worry about that. It’s perfectly natural for the plant to start developing those small spots. It’s a common occurrence but it’s still unknown what causes it to be triggered.

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