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Thyme Growing In The Sunny Weather

Welcome to this post about how long it takes for thyme to grow roots. It can be a hard question to answer since it will depend on different factors. Most importantly the environment the thyme is growing in. But I can reveal that it’s not very fast because it is not a very fast growing culinary herb. But if you want to know in more detail about the question then you can follow along down below.

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How Long Does It Take For Thyme To Grow Roots

How long it will take for the thyme roots to start developing will actually depend on the type of environment it’s growing in. You might already know that thyme prefers a soil that is well drained and wont pool water. It should also be pretty non nutrition rich. This is just the type of place that thyme likes to grow in and seems to excel in. But having this covered and if you know what you are doing then thyme takes about 6 – 8 weeks to form roots.

This is based both from new cuttings that are being propagated in water or of a new seed that has just been planted. Growing out roots are one of the first things that plants do, this is because they want to establish themselves to continue growing. Thyme is a herb that can grow for a very long time, up to or even for a decade. So setting it up with the best place will help in this.

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Is Thyme Easy To Root

A happy thyme plant will continue expanding its root system more and more each year. More roots help it be more hardy and able to manage rough climates. But you of course have to take some care of your thyme. Placing it effectively will also help it grow roots faster. Since thyme really likes the sun, you should place it where it can get loads of it. For the best growing thyme, you want it to get between 6 – 8 hours at least if you grow it outside. Inside it will need about 10 hours instead.

A tip for getting the cuttings of the thyme growing faster is by not filling the container of water with too much. I like to propagate my thyme in a glass. But I never fill it more than about one fifth of the way up. This is because I want the roots to only develop in the bottom of the cutting. It’s better to have to refill with water then having the sprig of thyme drown in too much water.

I want to reiterate again on what we have been talking about here in the article on how long does it take for thyme to grow roots. Somewhere between 6 – 8 weeks can be expected and is a healthy pace too. This goes generally for both newly sown seeds or cuttings that are propagating in water.

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Thyme Growing In The Sunny Garden

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