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Welcome to this post about how often you water thyme indoors. Thyme is a very hardy culinary herb that can manage days without needing to be watered. Usually it can go longer if it’s growing indoors compared to outdoors actually. But there is some stuff you might want to read about when it comes to watering thyme. Thankfully we will cover most of those questions in this article, so follow along down below.

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How Often Do You Water Thyme Indoors

So what is the ideal amount of water for a thyme plant? Whenever someone asks me how often do you water thyme growing indoors, I always answer that it will entirely depend on how much I have done before. Might be a vague answer but let me give you some guidelines. If you have been pretty liberal with the watering and whenever you do it the soil is still slightly damp or wet, then it’s overdone. Thyme is a herb that really likes to grow in a pretty dry soil with very good drainage.

You might ask yourself then what too little water looks like. That’s usually when the soil is almost cramped up and it is very very dry when you feel it. The thyme plants I have growing at home indoors will require water about once a week or so. Then it’s not too often and the soil has time to dry up a bit in the meantime. That will actually work in our favor as the flavor of the herb will intensify if it has to struggle a bit.

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Can Thyme Be Overwatered

I mentioned drainage too in the context of having a properly watered thyme plant. Good drainage is when the water will not pool at the top or stay in the bottom of the pot. If either of that happens then it is really not very good for the plant. Left on the top it will slowly descend but usually won spread equally. But what might be worse is if all of it stays on the bottom. Since thyme spreads its roots pretty quickly then they will fast succumb to root rot. That will only happen if there is too much water in the soil.

I want to reiterate again on the question about how often do you water thyme indoors. I want you to come away from this feeling like you have a clear idea. So I usually water mine indoors every week or so. If the sun has been shining a lot then it will dry quicker so I might water more often then. But if you are unsure, then just feel the texture of the soil. Still slightly damp? Then you don’t need to water. As for getting a soil that has good drainage, then you need a pot that has a hole or several in the bottom. That will drain out any excess water and leave the thyme root intact.

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