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Welcome to this post about if you can overwater thyme or not. The short answer to this question is that you sure can. Thyme is not a plant or herb that particularly likes a lot of water. I can harm the roots of the plant if it gets too much as they will begin to rot. But fortunately you found this article where we will discuss further below about how much you should water and what you should think about.

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Can You Overwater Thyme

Like we established in the beginning of this article, you can absolutely overwater thyme. But the effect might not be so noticable if it happens once or so. It’s more when it happens all the time and the water stays in the soil, in the bottom where the roots will now start to rot. But how do you know how much water is too much then? When I water the thyme plants I have growing at home I always check beforehand. I feel the surface of the soil is dry to the touch. If it’s still wet then you need to wait.

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How Can You Tell If Thyme Is Overwatered

Although thyme can be a very hardy plant that can manage in a lot of different conditions, some being very harsh even. What it can’t take is too much water saved up in the pot. If you still are unsure about the soil maybe being too wet, then you can take a small stick or something to poke down a few inches. Then you can feel if water has pooled or not. I recommend doing this if you might be new to gardening or just growing thyme.

If you are growing thyme in a pot like we have talked about here, then it can be a very good idea to get one that has holes in the bottom. This will make it a lot easier growing them as all the excess water will just drain out and won’t stay in the soil. This might actually be the easiest way of preventing accidental overwatering of a thyme plant.

Now what goes if you are growing on freeland? Here the same rules apply. You want the surface to dry out before watering the plant. If you are worried about the soil not being nutritious than know that thyme doesn’t really require that. Thyme is such a hardy plant that it can grow in some of the more extreme environments probably just fine.

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So to reiterate again about what we have been talking about in this article on if you can overwater thyme. You absolutely can, but just check before watering and you’ll be fine. The surface should be dry to the touch and the same goes for both growing in a pot or on freeland. However, if you grow in a pot, then make sure it’s one with a hole in the bottom, and the problem of overwatering should be nonexistent.

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