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Thyme Growing In The Sunny Garden

Welcome to this post about if thyme plants need a lot of water. You can exhale now, thyme really doesn’t require much water, or even attention for that matter either. It’s a pretty self reliant culinary herb to grow at home. Once you have a plant established then you only really have to water it to keep it growing. Doing that is only about every other week or so, if it’s growing indoors. Outdoors maybe a bit more. Follow along down below if you want to continue reading about this topic.

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Thyme Growing In The Garden

Do Thyme Plants Need A Lot Of Water

We have already sort of established the answer to this question in the beginning of the article. Thyme is a culinary herb that doesn’t require a lot of water to keep growing and expanding. It is actually one of the few herbs that can manage just fine in a dry soil with barely any nutrients. The only real important factor to having thyme growing rapidly and nicely is sunlight. The plant really needs a lot of this. Growing thyme outside it will need about 6 – 8 hours every day. But growing inside if needs about 10 hours instead, because the rays are dulled by the window protecting the thyme.

You can see that thyme is a pretty easy herb to manage at home. Without barely any attention needed except for making sure it gets the sun it needs everyday. What I like to recommend when growing thyme is doing it in a pot if you have limited space. This will let you position wherever you might have the best spot for sun. 

Since we are on the topic of watering your thyme, you might also wonder about how nutritious the soil needs to be. The answer here is barely any. Like we said before, thyme likes a sort of dead soil with very good drainage to avoid having the water pool on the surface or the bottom.

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Thyme Growing In The Garden

How Often Should Thyme Plants Be Watered

I want to reiterate again on the question at hand, do thyme plants need a lot of water. They really don’t, a little bit every other week should be fine if you are growing indoors. Outdoors you might need to do it slightly more often. What you should never do though is water more than it needs. That means that it should never stay at the surface after you just watered. That indicates that it has too much water in it.

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