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Welcome to this article that will talk about how you can best strip away thyme leaves from the sprigs. As we want to get the most of our thyme it can be annoying getting those last leaves off. But we are here to talk about the best ways of making the most of your time. We find that dragging two fingers backwards on the thyme will make the leaves fall off easier.

This will make them fall off and you can save a whole bunch of space storing them at home. In this article we will go more in depth on this topic and discuss some other questions about thyme sprigs, such as do you need to destem them. Follow along and learn more about this fantastic culinary herb.

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How To Strip Thyme Leaves

The method that we like to use the most when stripping the leaves from the thyme stems is to press the spring between two fingers. Make sure you are going against the grain of sorts with the thyme. Drag the stems through and all the leaves will be falling off. We find that this is both the fastest and easiest method of stripping away thyme leaves.

This will leave you with less work and more time. A win win in our opinion. But there are of course some other methods out there as well. One that has gained a lot of popularity is dragging the spring through a strainer. Make sure you just have a strainer that has larger enough holes that the stem can go through. The leaves will stick on one side and be collected. This is also a semi quick method of collecting the leaves.

The best thyme sprigs to pick are those that are really fresh as the leaves are a bit bouncier. They catch a lot easier when dragging the sprigs. The older the thyme gets the more bendable the leaves get. The catch is a lot harder than. So make sure you have fresh thyme when wanting to collect the leaves.

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How Do You Destem Thyme

Destemming the thyme is best done like the above method. Dragging the sprig of thyme whilst pressing it between two fingers. This will catch the leaves and they will be dragged off. Do it above a small container to catch all the leaves as they fall off.

This is actually the method I have learnt from a friend who works in professional kitchens. They have to go through so much time every single day. So finding the best way of determining them is important.

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Can You Eat Thyme Stems

Eating the stems of the thyme will not be an enjoyable experience. They are edible but the texture of them are ot pleasant. But if you have chopped them together with the leaves then it won’t harm you accidentally eating some.

As for using the stems for anything you can keep them and use in soups where it’s easier to get them out. Since we like to use thyme a lot in our household we see a lot of stems. We have found that these are perfect to use in a vegetable stock or a meat stock even. They add a nice aromatic flavor to it.

Let’s summarize a bit about what we have been talking about here. The best way to strip the thyme leaves of the stem. Hold the spring between two fingers and then drag them through. This will remove the leaves from the stem and leave only the leaves. Keep them in a container with a lid if you are not going to use them straight away.

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